ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) casting parts  

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Austempered ductile iron castings is a common ductile iron casting which is processed by a special heat treatment, The austempering process, with ductile iron’s superior castability, results in a material which can be used to cast complex shapes, with a greater consistency of quality, and often at less cost.  

Benefits of austempered ductile iron castings:

  • Up to 15-25% less costly than hardened steel forgings. It’s most economical method of obtaining tensile strength, yield strength or fatigue strength
  • The tensile strength of ADI is twice that of ordinary ductile iron, higher than or equivalent to the strength of carbon steel and low alloy steel, at the same toughness. Good impact strength to -120ºF.
  • 10% less weight than steel, ADI's strength is three times that of aluminum castings, and its specific gravity is only 2.5 times that of aluminum castings.
  • Lower operating noise levels,cause excellent shock absorption. infact ADI contains graphite, its shock absorption is significantly better than carbon steel.
  • ADI has fatigue resistance, its dynamic performance exceeds forged steel, cast steel and low alloy steel. After shot peening, the fatigue strength of ADI is comparable or better than that of hardened steel or surface nitrided steel.
  • Excellent resistance to crack propagation. Superior fracture toughness. ADI maintains 70% room temperature fracture toughness at -40 °C.
  • Work hardening.

Standard and grades:


Typical applications:

  • Agriculture - excellent resistance to soil wear.
  • Digger/Grab Teeth - high strength and wear resistance.
  • Industrial - wear components, pumps, etc.
  • Gears/ Shafts/ Powertrain - for wear resistance and better vibration damping than Steel.
  • Construction - crushing, grading and wear components etc.
  • Food & Feed milling - grinding, mixing, pelletising etc.