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Ball mill wear parts

Liners from Feed Head to Discharge End, Head Liner, Shell Liner, Partition Grates and Discharge Grates.

Machine models

Φ900x800Φ1200x4500Φ1830x3000 Φ2100x3000Φ2200x6500Φ2400x4500Φ3600x4500
Φ1200x2400Φ1500x4500Φ1830x6400Φ2100x7000 Φ2200x7500Φ2700x4500
Φ1200x3000 Φ1500x5700Φ1830x7000 Φ2200x4500 Φ2400x3000Φ3200x4500


high manganese steel, high chrome white iron, abrasion resistant rubber and rubber/ steel combination

 Advantages of Rubber Liners

  • Longer Wear Life: Rubber Liners are pressure molded to ensure highest density and engineered for maximum abrasion resistance. Industry recognized as delivering 1.5 – 4 times the wear life of steel liners.
  • Reduced Weight Lowers Costs: Rubber liners are 75 to 80% lighter than steel liners, increasing energy efficiency of the mill by 15%. Less stress on the mill for reduced maintenance.
  • Leak proof: Rubber liners are perfectly sealed to eliminate opportunity for slurry leakage and corrosion of the shell.
  • Easy to Install: Quick and easy installation of light-weight liners minimizes down times and improves safety.
  • Reduced Noise Levels: Reduce noise levels by 8-10dB. Environment friendly for safer working conditions.