Our Service  

    Supplying one-stop service

    Linkup strive to be your 'one stop shop' for wear solutions. We provide professional and good quality wear resistant products and ensure customers are receiving the quality that we guarantee via four steps below:

    Inital Production Check

    During Production Check

    Pre-shipment Inspection

    Laboratory Tests

    Sourcing new products or suppliers

    To meet customers request, Linkup helps to seeking new manufacturer and products in China. We ensures reliable and secure procurement with the selection and management of the most competent and reasonably-priced manufacturers or suppliers.

    New suppliers audit

    We ensures, among other things, that:

    The manufacturer really exists and that the factory is fully operational

    The management and operators are competent and that they respect agreed-upon prices and timelines

    The supplier has the capacity to produce the volume demanded

    Best practices are observed regarding the traceability of materials, from origin to final product

    Production is carried out according to the highest standards of safety and quality, etc.

    Quality control

    With the support of Linkup’s proven inspection, you can lower your procurement costs while ensuring quality control of your supply chain, according to your needs and specifications. You will be able to see production problems arise as they happen, and will be in a position to immediately correct the situation.